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Birth of baby is is the most happy moment in family life , After the birth the parents and other relatives feels a problem and that is giving a good name to a newly born baby. As a Muslim its responsibility of Father to give a honored and well accepted name to the kid. We have here provided many choices to the parents for different names of baby girls and boys with meaning in Urdu and English.

Boy Names list That Started with:

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Girl Names list That Started with:

Randomly Selected Boys Name:

  1. Rohan()
  2. Yahuda()
  3. Basair()
  4. Waafy()
  5. Qamin()
  6. Yasir()
  7. Talih()
  8. Ghayb()
  9. Gullfishan()
  10. Zainuddin()

Randomly Selected Girls Name:

  • Arooj()
  • Ilham()
  • Ugay()
  • Ibtihaaj()
  • Jara()
  • Qiyyama()
  • Veena()
  • Oma()
  • Ghazala()
  • Haleh()
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